AS - Autonomous System
An autonomous system is the name given to a network that is administered as a unit and forms part of the Internet. The Internet is made up of all autonomous systems put together.
BGP - Border Gateway Protocol
A BGP is a session-based routing protocol defined within RFC4271 that is characterized by high levels of stability and scalability. Autonomous systems (AS) are connected via BGPs.
IGP - Interior Gateway Protocol
IGP is the name given to routing protocols that guarantee the accessibility of individual networks within an autonomous system (AS).
MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching
MPLS (RFC3031) refers to pre-signaled paths within an autonomous system (AS) that can be used for different services.
FHRP - First Hop Redundancy Protocol
First Hop Redundancy Protocols provide a virtual IP address that is taken over by a backup router in the event of an error, thus guaranteeing connectivity. Examples for First Hop Redundancy Protocols include HSRP, VRRP, and CARP.
The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Center is Europe’s Regional Internet Registry (RIR). RIPE is the association of European Local Internet Registries (LIR). RIPE NCC is the administrative organization for European Internet resources (IP addresses/AS numbers).
LIR - Local Internet Registry
NTS Workspace AG is a Local Internet Registry. LIRs manage the Internet resources assigned to them (IP addresses/AS numbers).
Ethernet specifies a technology for transfers in cable-based data networks.
EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile
Ethernet in the First Mile, a protocol, IEEE 802.3ah, which is the standard for the final leg (last mile) between customers and providers.
BBCS - Broadband Connectivity Services
Broadband Connectivity Services are xDSL offers they are obtained from a partner.
OSI - OSI Model
The OSI layer model was developed as the design basis for communication protocols. Each layer is described based on its requirements.
Dark Fibre
A dark fiber is an unlit glass fiber. A glass fiber is an optical transfer method.
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CWDM - Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplex
CWDM is the multiplexing of different spectral colors (wavelengths) in a fiber-optic cable.
DWDM - Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex
DWDM is the multiplexing of different spectral colors (wavelengths) in a fiber-optic cable.
ISP - Internet Service Provider
NTS Workspace AG is an Internet service provider. It provides services and technical services required for the use of Internet services.
SAN - Storage Area Network
SAN refers to a network for the connection of storage systems (such as hard-drive subsystems).
UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply.
VESDA - Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
VESDA is a smoke-particle detection system.