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Internet Access - Flexible and Symmetrical

Benefit from global IP connectivity from our PoPs (points of presence) and data centers – whether using your own resources or NTS addresses. Bandwidths of up to 100 GBps are possible.

Internet connection at any location in Switzerland

Internet connection to any site in Switzerland. Depending on the required bandwidth and availability, the appropriate technology is applied.

Network IP Transit
Easy to use

Redundant connections via different paths and devices pose no problems.

Network IP Transit
Do you need a highly available Internet connection based on multihoming?

We are happy to help with the planning and implementation and to apply for the necessary resources such as IP addresses and AS-Number for RIPE. Or we can help you manage your own IP address by means of sponsoring LIR or LIR setup.

Network Map BGP
You can also hire BGP routers from us

We will take over management and monitoring.

No More Headaches Caused by Post-billing or Volume Limits

We calculate your average bandwidth at 5-minute intervals. The bandwidth agreed in the contract (CDR – committed data rate) can be exceeded as far as the peak (maximum bandwidth) for a maximum of 5% of these measurements – around 36 hours per month.

If the actual bandwidth used exceeds the monthly amount agreed (CDR), we will let you know. You can then opt for an upgrade or a technical limitation of the bandwidth.

Your Advantages
  • Managed service
  • Performance statistics and availability via my.nts.ch
  • 24/7 support at support@nts.ch or +41 31 517 77 00
Together It Can Get Interesting

Combined with our colocation services, this results in an extremely interesting overall package for you.