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Ecological heating with waste heat

The heat recovery systems of our two data center locations Colobern North and Colobern South also supplied green heat this winter.

Last winter, both buildings of our Bernese datacenter locations were heated completely by waste heat.
This allowed the substitution of nearly 80,000 liters of heating oil and therefore approx. 212 tons of CO2 emmissions were reduced.
Since the energy for the heat pumps were sourced 100% from renewable sources - primarily Swiss hydropower, the buildings were heated completely emission-free.
For the site Colobern South we have entered into negotiations to allow the heat deliveries also to neighboring lots.


The City Council of Berne approves loans for second data center

In order to increase the reliability of the IT infrastructure operations, the city of Berne is investing in a redundant data center. The second site is hosted and operated by the NTS Workspace AG.

The City Council has approved the requested investment and operating loans by a large majority. Thus, in January 2015, the planning and implementation of the second data center will start. When completed, the city of Berne has a fully redundant data center operation, which will guarantee the security, stability and a very high availability of the computer and communications platform.


SwissIX connection with 10 Gbps

NTS increases the capacity of its SwissIX connection to 10 Gbps

For 10 years NTS uses direct peering connections via SwissIX to other providers.
The capacity of these connections have been increased several times over time and during 2014 a connection with 10 Gbps was implemented on a SwissIX core location in Zurich.


NTS welcomes Netflix in Switzerland!

We are looking forward together with Netflix for a successful launch in Switzerland.

Today, Netflix launched its streaming TV service in Switzerland. In order to supply a smooth television experience to our customers, we have installed a so-called content-cache in our network core. The cache server is integrated directly into the NTS backbone and is updated daily with the latest series and blockbuster movies.


NTS is the new colocation partner of the City of Bern

For security reasons, the city of Bern wants to operate a second data center externally

As part of a bid for a second external data center, the NTS Workspace AG has been awarded the contract for the realization. The business still has to be approved by the City Council. Commissioning is scheduled in the first half of 2015 according to current plans.