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Excellence in Datacenter Design at NTS

We congratulate our colleague Reto Burkhalter for passing the exam for Accredited Tier Designer according to Uptime Institute

For many years, data center topologies are categorized by the Uptime Institute in four so called Tier levels (Tier I - Tier IV).This ensures a worldwide consistent evaluation of datacenters according to the topics of redundancy, maintainability and fault tolerance.The aim of the attended course was getting a deeper knowledge in these areas.


Doubling of peering capacity

Even more bandwidth for sports broadcasts via Internet

After SwissIX has renewed their core infrastructure at the four main locations (among others colozüri.ch) and since the site interlinks now run with 100GE, we have also increased our capacity to 20Gbps regarding to the upcoming European football championship 2016 and the Olympics. The connection is realized via a so-called LAG and thereby also component failures are covered such as a defecetive SFP transceiver.


Two new POPs in Zug

Expansion of our redundant network infrastructure to Zug

We have put two new locations (Point of Presence) into operation in order to realize redundant high-speed connections in Zug. On the two fiber optic lines, which are realized as redundant ring topology, also DWDM equipment has been installed. For further information please contact us.


FTTT - Fiber to the Tent?

With the speed of light into the Scout center

The International Scout Centre (KISC) in Kandersteg was connected with a direct fiber connection from the NTS POP Kandersteg in time for Christmas 2015.
On one side, the employees of the KISC will benefit from this fast Internet connection as well as the guests via wireless LAN.


NTS goes 100G

Expanding our DWDM systems with 100G technology

Together with our supplier Deltanet we will expand our existing DWDM network with coherent 100 Gbps connections in the next few weeks.
In a first step, we will equip five data centers on our metro ring Bern-Zurich-Basel-Bern with the new interface cards.
Already 10 years ago we built our first WDM transport networks with our supplier Deltanet and we are looking forward to a continuation of this proven partnership in the 100Gbps age.