NTS welcomes Netflix in Switzerland!

We are looking forward together with Netflix for a successful launch in Switzerland.

Today, Netflix launched its streaming TV service in Switzerland. In order to supply a smooth television experience to our customers, we have installed a so-called content-cache in our network core. The cache server is integrated directly into the NTS backbone and is updated daily with the latest series and blockbuster movies.


NTS is the new colocation partner of the City of Bern

For security reasons, the city of Bern wants to operate a second data center externally

As part of a bid for a second external data center, the NTS Workspace AG has been awarded the contract for the realization. The business still has to be approved by the City Council. Commissioning is scheduled in the first half of 2015 according to current plans.


Heating with waste heat recovery

The waste heat from our data centers could be used ecologically worthwhile this winter.

The heat recovery at the site Colobern North has again saved well over 55'000 liters of heating oil this winter. In addition, also at the site Colobern South a new heat recovery system was installed in spring of 2014, which is able to fully cover the heat demand of the entire building. This is roughly equivalent to 30'000 cubic meters of gas.
Currently, the preparatory and planning works are ongoing for a heat recovery system at the site colozü, which will go into operation next fall.
Of course, the energy to operate the heat pumps are obtained from 100% renewable sources (primarily hydropower).


Renewal of the core network

We have done everything in the past few months, in order to meet your future requirements.

We have done everything in the past few months, in order to meet your future requirements. So our network core and distribution layers were renewed in several steps.
For those areas of the network, we rely on the powerful Cisco ASR9000 series router. This currently allows us to transport up to 20Gbit/s network traffic between our data centers. The future expandability is also ensured.


Further increase energy efficiency

Further investments in our data centers as part of the federal energy efficiency program PUEDA.

The data centers Colobern North / South, colozü and ColoZug operated by NTS Workspace AG are already very efficient in its use of resources. At the various sites several measures to increase energy efficiency such as cold aisle containment, free-cooling and heat recovery (in order to heat the building) have already been implemented.
As part of the funding of the federal PUEDA program, all sites have been analyzed in detail again and corresponding optimization potential was developed.
To the identified technical measures include (not exhaustive, depends on location): heat recovery in order to heat the building, optimization of the cold aisles, replacement of CRAC units with higher efficiency, light control with presence detectors and more.